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Performance Management System is the systematic process to measure the performance metrics of employees. The organizational goals, mission, and objectives for the resources available are aligned through this management process. Engagedly is one such Employee Performance Management Software that describes the broad features of an efficient driving system and processes. Let us learn more about the tool in this Engagedly Review.

What is Engagedly? 

Engagedly is a cloud-based talent management solution that is flexible and redefines the performance appraisal process by simplifying and integrating employee engagement elements. 

With Engagedly, continuous performance reviews can be done and get 360-degree feedback. It takes a few minutes to set up and run a review process that is employee-friendly. It saves time for the Managers and HR with an additional perk of detailed analytics. 

Engagedly also comprise employee engagement tools by linking rewards and recognition, social communication, learning modules, pulse surveys, alignment of company rules, etc. This tool is merged with a goal management system which allows to surge goals across the team and keeps a regular check on its progress.

With the help of Engagedly, managers can organize peer connection programs and implement social performance tools to reward employees and get to know others aw well.

Engagedly is an HR employee management software that is flexible, simple, and fast-growing. The available suite of features synergizes performance management in any organization.

Getting Started – Dashboard Overview



The user dashboard of Engagedly is a page that displays all the ongoing activities to the users. Users can see the current happenings and archived information too. 



The user dashboard includes the following sections,

Pending Actions –  This portlet lets you see all pending actions that you are yet to complete. 

Recent Actions – Here, you can see all recent activities that you have carried out like commenting on a post, giving feedback, etc.

Goal Progress – Here, you can see the progress of your goals.

Goal Alignment – It shows the number of goals you are linked to company goals and department goals.

Praise – It shows the recent praise you have received for your tasks.

Leaderboard – This portlet shows users with the highest ranks and points in the organization. 

Feedback Shared – You can see the feedback you have shared recently.

Feedback Received – This shows the feedback you have received recently.

Badges – This shows the number of badges you have earned.

My Points – This shows the number of points you have earned and your ranking based on the received points.

Learning – Here you can see how many courses you have completed so far.

Post Activities – This shows the recent social activities that you have participated in.  

Engagedly Features

Potentially, the most important aspect every business looks at before adopting performance management software is its exceptional feature set that makes a huge difference in your business. Have a look at the core features that Engagedly provides.

Performance Review Cycle

Engagedly provides a customizable review template including leadership mapping, rating scales, and other HR abilities. The customizable templates and flexible rating scales ensure company employees turn in their reviews regularly. 

A single dashboard displays reviews on a single screen, and managers can also add post-review feedback and recommendations. The generated analytics allows team leads to identify outstanding performers and compare overall performance against the previous review cycle. Notifications and alerts are generated frequently to keep things on track.

Multi-rater Feedback

Engagedly incorporates a 360-degree Multi-rater tool to align the process of effective feedback collection to provide accurate and honest peer-to-peer feedback anytime. This lets employees choose to, either provide open feedback or anonymously, which gives managers a chance to nominate a specific person to provide feedback.

Goals and Objectives

The users of Engagedly can set key results and goals for themselves or someone under their supervision and set a custom check-in timeline in addition to progress indicators. The dashboard displays user goals separately for team members and the organization as a whole.

Learning Management

With Engagedly, managers can build their courses and learning materials to share with the needy employees. It is also useful for a new employee on-boarding or an employee’s professional development. Admins can create new courses and data for these courses in the form of PDFs, video files, quizzes, Youtube videos, etc. Managers are also able to assign a course to the employees and track the progress of each course. 

Engagedly Pricing Plans

Engagedly does not provide any pricing nor list any plan in public. This is for the reason that the plans will vary depending on the number and type of features required by the user. Users need to contact the Engagedly team directly for a quote. 

The software provides a free demo, though a free trial is not available. 

Integration / Implementation

Clients wishing to avail Engagedly can go live on the platform within a few days instead of a few weeks. Admins can immediately create the company profile and start adding users. Engagedly offers a four-minute video tutorial to get on with the initial setup. The platform can be integrated with ADP and Namely for HR features. It also integrates with Slack, Google, and Okta.

Engagedly Strenghts

Engagedly involves social and employee recognition tools to encourage employee engagement, collaboration, and value recognition like badges and reward points. Some of the benefits of the tool include,

  • Potential to get multiple people to review employee performance with the help of multi-rater feedback and peer review.
  • It provides easy-to-find features with an intuitive interface. 
  • Feedbacks are given in real-time.
  • The implementation process is very short.
  • High collaboration among remote teams through social media modules. 

Engagedly Shortcomings

  • Engagedly does not comprise built-in recruiting features.

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Final Thoughts

Engagedly is a comprehensive HR employee performance management software available at a reasonable cost. The customer service is strong and cost-effective for small start-ups. Once the learning curve is crossed, any mid-sized or large-scale businesses should be comfortable with the software interface.  

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