Freshteam review: The Best Application Tracking Software

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Every business is different, yet they all live on attracting, acquiring, and retaining outstanding talent. At some point throughout the hiring or onboarding process, many firms confront significant challenges. And if you are wondering whether Freshteam is the RIGHT choice for you or not, we have got your back. As in this post, we have shared an unbiased FreshTeam review. 

Freshteam is the ideal HR software for expanding a company. Freshteam allows you to recruit, hire, and onboard new workers and offboard departing employees, manage employee information, and schedule time off, all in one place.

So, stick with us in this Freshteam review till the end. You will get to know about Freshteam features, pricing, pros, cons, and complete workflow.

What Is FreshTeam?

Freshteam is a software that integrates the features of the best applicant tracking software and recruiting apps into a single user interface. This solution, which is simple but straightforward, assists recruiters in locating, screening, interviewing, and hiring applicants. For current workers, it also has time-off management functions.

Recruiters can also use email templates to generate offers using Freshteam. Users may also verify interviewer availability, schedule candidate notifications, and remind panel members to provide input. A user dashboard, candidate engagement tools, collaboration tools, a searchable employee database, org charts, online feedback forms, and more are among the other features.

The Android and iOS applications allow us to perform significant tasks while on the go. Freshteam is part of the Freshworks product family, which includes Freshdesk Customer Support Software, Freshservice IT Service Management Software, Freshsales CRM Software, and other products used by over 150000 companies around the world, including Cisco, Honda, 3M, The Atlantic, and QuizUp.

How does Freshteam Works?

Freshteam is a cloud-based HR and applicant tracking solution that has proved its ability to change the recruiting experiences of enterprises. In addition to being supported by one of the most successful software suppliers in recent years. Freshteam provides users with all of the tools they need to attract and retain exceptional individuals by combining unique application tracking and recruitment CRM capabilities.

Applicant tracking, onboarding, employee database, and time off management are the four key areas of functionality. Let’s have a look at how Freshteam can help your organization.

Applicant Tracking

Freshteam is the best applicant tracking software that allows you to keep track of the whole recruiting process, from publishing job adverts to sending job offers to suitable individuals. This section’s activities are extensive, beginning with assisting users in posting job openings on internal and external websites as well as social media platforms.

Freshteam can help you arrange the interview process and develop feedback scorecards. Additionally, create offers using templates or customized offer forms and conveniently manage the latter. Employee recommendations are also possible, as well as customizing emails for individual candidates. Freshteam software includes features for tracking applications, analyzing resumes, collecting data on applicants up to, including the interview stage, developing profiles for them, and keeping track of candidate responses.

Employee Database

The database is put up to hold information on every employee, automatically updating it when things change, and making it available to the HR department and anybody who needs to see it. Access permissions are straightforward to set up, and the system is simple to use. Employees are given a personal account via which managers can convey tasks and other information. Employees may contribute data to HR by attaching papers and other information, and the system also provides flow charts of the organization structure that are updated as conditions change.


Freshteam is a cloud-based HR and applicant tracking solution that can assist you in a seamless process. With its custom forms and workflows, this feature allows you to automate onboarding operations. There is document management and an electronic signature tool. You can save a lot of time and effort by automating the onboarding process with a customized welcome bundle and introduction to the chosen employee instead of doing it manually.

It allows you to develop and deliver online welcome kits. It enables you to record basic information about new employees and gives them crucial information about their jobs and ensuring that the new employee understands all they need to know before their first day on the job.

Time-off Management

Freshteam’s primary goal is to provide an automated time-off management system that effectively tracks and manages PTO balances, requests, and approvals. This feature can ease vacation management across the business with fast access to individuals who need to know, includes automated answers and emails. You can quickly identify where you can grant the leave and schedule the vacations by utilizing calendar management.

Freshteam makes it simple to develop rules for time off for different departments or even individuals by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use time off management capability. Freshteam is surprisingly easy to use and has great security measures that enable only those with authority to access any portion of the database at any time.

So, now let’s have a quick look at its key features in this Freshteam review.

Key Features of FreshTeam

Job postings management

Freshteam allows you to create and describe job posts and share them on corporate networks and appropriate job boards. You can leverage some of the platform’s appealing and changeable templates for this purpose. Or build a completely new listing with full details. You can assign each position to a specific recruiting team for maximum transparency, and the team can customize any of the hiring workflow phases to improve the candidate’s experience.

Employee Information System

This feature enables your employees to create a personal account where they may submit papers and offer personal information, reducing HR administrative work. You can use the employee portal to assign responsibilities and configure access rights. This application allows you to construct and manage organizational charts in addition to gathering and storing your workers’ information.

Self-service portal

You can assign a few appropriate roles to your employees by adding their profiles to Freshteam. It allows you to choose who can view or edit employee information. You get to choose the data to collect from employees from over 20 fields. With this feature, you can keep all your employees in the loop. You can request any document and ask them to upload it on Freshteam. 

Efficient candidate Resume screening

The resume parsing functionality in Freshteam’s ATS is a technology that auto-populates applicant profiles. It is based on information gathered on candidates’ online resumes. It features a “Candidate 360” tool that records all applicant-related data i.e assessment scores, interaction history, interviewer comments, and candidate-recruiter email contact.

Pricing Of FreshTeam: Freshteam Review

FreshTeam offers its users three plans. Growth plan. Pro plan, & Enterprise plan. You can also use its free plan to fully understand the features of FreshTeam & which plan will suit you the best.

Growth Plan costs ₹84/employee/month + ₹5199 platform fee/month. It suits HR for small organizations. You get to use customizable applicant forms, custom Interview scorecards & Kits, Vendor Management, Time Off Approval Workflow, up to 2 Holiday Calendars & many more.

Pro plan costs ₹168/employee/month + ₹8799 platform fee/month. It automates the workflows and manages HR data for growing companies. This plan includes advanced career site customizations, social recruiting, talent Pool Management. It offers a Job requisition management, multiple recruiters for a single job posting, and many more.

Enterprise plan costs ₹336/employee/month + ₹14999 platform fee/month. It streamlines the complex HR needs of large organizations. You get to use custom user roles, unlimited onboarding & offboarding checklists, access restrictions based on IP address, custom URL & SSL certificate, advanced leave reports, one-click data export & many more.

Pros & Cons: Freshteam Review:


  • It integrates with any software.
  • Scalable, with multiple price plans.
  • AI-based lead scoring.
  • It offers excellent reporting with a comprehensive dashboard and analytics platform.


  • No way to schedule emails 
  • Users need an individual email account 


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The Final Verdict: Freshteam Review

Freshteam is an impactful software that is a cloud-based HR and applicant tracking solution & will assist you in managing your employees and makes the recruitment process easy and seamless. You can attract top talents from different channels. 

And with its affordable pricing, Freshteam is just unbeatable and is the best applicant tracking software. Therefore, Freshteam is a go-to software that any employer should take full use of, especially for small businesses. Freshteam is worth giving a try. It comes up with a free trial that will help you understand its features in a better way. 

If you still have any questions about Freshteam, let us know in the comments below. And do let us know if our Freshteam review was helpful.

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