AeroAdmin Review – Easy and Lightweight Remote Desktop Software

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AeroAdmin Review - Easy and Lightweight Remote Desktop Software

AeroAdmin is a free remote desktop software that is flexible and does not require any configuration or installation. For any desktop connection, you need to only download an executable file and run it on local and remote computers. It is an application meant for both admin and client and can be connected behind NAT 

AeroAdmin consists of a complete set of features for system administration, remote computer control, screen sharing, parental control, remote employee monitoring, and many more. With this commanding authentication, security and privacy are positively assured.


How to set up AeroAdmin?

There are three steps involved in setting up a connection between the admin and the remote user. As AeroAdmin is lightweight portable software, you just need to download and run it on both the admin and remote systems. There are no such installation steps involved.

Once the software is installed, AeroAdmin assigns a unique ID for your computer. The steps involved in using your PC as a remote computer is as below,


Step 1- Send a request to the remote computer to send your their ID and enter in the field “Client ID/IP


Step 2 – Specify the action you want to perform on the remote PC like file transfer, monitor, etc.


Step 3 – Click on the “Connect” button to establish a connection.


The remote PC then receives the request which can be accepted or rejected. Then the access levels can be specified on the computer.

Setup Unattended Access with AeroAdmin

The procedure for unattended access is as below,

Step 1 – Run AeroAdmin as a service

For this, click on the connection button on top left and select the service. To run the program normally, click on service option again.


Step 2 –  Configure Access Rights

In case of unattended access, the software does not send requests as it happens in normal mode. In the initial stage, the connection rights have to be defined. 


For this, click on the Connection button, go to access rights and select add icon.Enter the ID of admin PC. Apart from this, you can select “Any” option so that the selected rights are applicable when any computer connects you. 

Step 3: You will be prompted to set up a password to avoid anyone else remotely controlling your PC.


Step 4: Check the limited access rights as per your requirement.



Connects computers in different LAN

It automatically detects the network configuration. The direct IP provides stable remote and NAT connections which do not require an internet connection.

Auto Image Speed

The platform detects the internet bandwidth to make any changes to the speed and images. Where the bandwidth connection is low, it ensures a smooth picture loading.

No configuration

The system does not require any initial setup or configuration. You just need to download a small executable file of 2 MB that can control both remote and local PC that can be approached by both admin and client. 

Unattended Access

There is no need to manually attend work on PC and can be configured on Windows and administer servers and computers with no human presence. It works on functions like switch/log off remote users that can reboot the system in normal mode. Also, the system cannot be switched on if it is completely shut down unless the Wake On Lan mode is active.

Simple Message Services

This allows customers to contact you directly through the software when remote assistance is required. The other shortcoming here is you won’t be able to reply to the message as it is registered as a ticket. The unique generated identifier identifies the user who has sent a request.

Contact Book

AeroAdmin consists of a small database that stores information such as computer name, ID, person name, email, phone number, etc. Though you have a large amount of data stored, the filters help you quickly search for the required information. The contact list can be exported to the cloud and copied to another computer.

Parallel Sessions

It establishes various incoming and outgoing connections in a single go simultaneously controlling the view of multiple PCs. Many network admins can be connected to your computer.

AES/RSA Encryption 

The data and information exchanged between admin and client are securely encrypted with encryption algorithms. When required you will be able to copy data between admin and remote computer. In case the connection gets disrupted, the task will be paused and then the download/upload can be resumed. These security standards are the ones that are encompassed in banks and government security systems.


The platform interface is multilingual and supports more than 15 languages that make it flexible and widely used all over the world.


You can customize your UI with your brand logo and other required details. You can make numerous configurations like access rights before the software is deployed.



AeroAdmin offers a free plan for personal and business needs. There is also separate annual billing for certain plans. The available plans are,


Pro- $89.9/year

Business- $119.9/year

Corporate- $139.9/year  

The software also offers premium licenses that can be transferred from one PC to another once every week. There is also a 10-day money-back guarantee if the customer is dissatisfied that helps in easy accessibility and more clarity on the system functionalities.   



1.Very easy to use remote desktop software

2.No complex initial setup 

3.Very portable to use in any situation

4.Cheaper than other remote desktop software

5.SOS function is amazing in case of any urgent client work


1.Does not consist native Mac/Linux file and needs to install WINE to run it.

2.Running the software needs some support

3.Connection issue when a firewall is used

4.Slow browsing and poor data transfer

5.The interface needs a face-lift


AeroAdmin is suitable for both personal and business needs. Users who require extra features and an ad-free experience can subscribe to one of the three professional license tiers thus making it more flexible for a business of any size. 

AeroAdmin is a complete remote desktop software package that suffices all needs from tracking a laptop to taking control of distant servers. AeroAdmin is always present to tackle any of your IT challenges!


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SaasTrac Team

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