VeriClock Review 2021| The Best Time Tracking Tool| Get 30 Days Free Trial

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Is your business in need of a time-tracking tool? Well! There is finally an answer. VeriClock is one of the best time and location software for your employees and we are here with a quick VeriClock review.

Getting a pace to effective time management can lead to a calm and soothing life. But for doing it the right way, you need a best time tracking tool that helps you get most of your tasks done in a short time, and your job is done hassle-free.  

And if you’re wondering whether VeriClock is the RIGHT choice for you or not, we have got your back.

As in this post, we have shared an unbiased review on VeriClock for 2021.

So, go through this VeriClock review till the end to know about VeriClock features, pricing, pros, cons, and complete workflow.

VeriClock- Quick Intro

Vericlock is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based timekeeping system for small and medium-sized businesses. It effectively records hourly employee time and attendance when working off-site. In addition, you may get rid of the outdated manual timesheets & specialized hardware or software programs by using this application.

With VeriClock, you can keep a close eye on labor expenses and draw comparisons across similar projects. VeriClock enables organizations to set flexible working hours for remote and in-house employees and track their check-in and check-out times.

As an added convenience to you, your employees may clock in and out by phone or the internet using this application. Vocal authentication, GPS tracking, and IP address recording are some of the tools verification approaches.


Top Features Of VeriClock

The one thing that we liked the most about this tool is its ease of use. It has got some cool features that will make your life a little easier. You can have a quick look at the dashboard of VeriClock that pretty much shows how easy it is to use.


Multi-Device Clock In/Out:

One of the best features that VeriClock comes up with is its ability to allow employees to clock in or out from various devices. Employees no longer need to check-in and out at a single location or a restricted number of hubs.

Instead, the ability is in the hands of each worker. There are also dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS that employees can clock in and leave. With the help of VeriClock, employees may also sign their timesheets. 


Big organizations with a significant amount of employees have found that using a digital time tracker is the most effective solution. The software makes clocking in and out simpler for everyone involved since it gives employees greater access and gives administrators more organization.

Real-Time & Custom Reporting


VeriClock- The best time tracking tool offers you reporting features that allow you to view past and present payment debts. Besides real-time access to labor statistics and whereabouts, VeriClock enables managers and administrators to make sense of their data through reports. In addition, if the reports of VeriClock are not adequate, you can create your own.

It is possible to export the report in CSV, PDF, XLS, or even XLSX format once you have customized the report to your liking. Alternatively, you may choose to print or save your work.

This feature allows you to receive automatic updates on the work schedule, compensation, and cost of employees. The versatility and customization capabilities of VeriClock make it an excellent tool for discovering methods to save money in the workplace.

Location Services

VeriClock comes up with a feature that allows users to monitor when employees clock in and clock out. It works best for large businesses to manage employees spread out across large or multiple work sites. Location tracking allows VeriClock administrators to know where their employees are at all times.

Geofencing lets managers prevent employees from leaving their designated work area. Using geofencing, you can prohibit employees from leaving their workplace. Imagine a distance of 100 feet, for instance. As soon as that employee departs the 100-foot radius, they are instantly clocked out.

There are three different levels of management for location services. 

  • The simplest one logs the location of employees as they clock in and exit. 
  • A moderate level can give an administrator the whereabouts of employees upon request. 
  • Lastly, the continuous location service keeps track of every employee in the system at all times.


Top-Notch Verification

VeriClock uses a variety of verification techniques to verify the correctness and integrity of its workforce data.

  • Caller IDs are recorded automatically for system access through a touch phone.
  • It is possible to capture the GPS coordinates of users when they check in to the system via their cell phones.
  • VeriClock uses OpenSSL for software security against cybercrime and has complete certification.
  • VeriClock includes a built-in digital signature capability for organizations that require employee time cards to be signed each week.
  • Managers may also set up the system such that their staff is required to leave voice reports, which they can listen to and download as MP3 recordings later.

VeriClock is on par with many comparable services, with the exception of a missing log-in option, such as a face scan.

Linking attendance with payroll

The user interface of VeriClock is intuitive and easy to navigate. Employees may quickly enter their sick days and vacation time. It will enhance their morale to know that they do not have to walk to supervisors or from one department to another to request time off.

VeriClock enables simple data export to all QuickBooks desktop versions, QuickBook Online, Sage 50 US, and Sage 50 Canada assist businesses to streamline their payroll operations and ensure data accuracy.

Furthermore, after a manager confirms employee time records in Quickbooks, the information is transferred to the payroll software.

So, the payroll software will compute the salary of each employee. Payroll makes it easy for employees to get their pay on time.

Who Should Use VeriClock and Why?

VeriClock is a free time clock software that suits best for every business. However, it is ideal for large organizations to keep track of employees across large and multiple job sites. 

VeriClock is a brilliant option for organizations wanting to streamline staff management, productivity, and time monitoring. VeriClock may not be as flashy as some of its competitors, but its features and effectiveness make it an indispensable time monitoring tool for organizations. 

So, now that we are aware of all the features. It’s time to move onto why VeriClock is a good choice for you in this VeriClock review.

Sending automatic Alerts

When your employee checks in and out of their shifts, you will receive automatic alerts from this software. When it comes to safeguarding corporate data, notifications may be a lifesaver. The alerts will help reduce errors such as forgetting to clock out, etc.

Costs Reduction

Since clock-ins do not need to be printed, VeriClock will help you save money on office expenditures. It is possible to do all human resource activities in a digital format. Businesses can go a whole day without printing files or employee data.

Improves transparency

VeriClock increases openness in the workplace through continual monitoring, allowing managers to hold their team members responsible. In large organizations with many employees, this will come in useful.

You will be able to identify the wrongdoer and issue warnings or disciplinary actions.

Improved Productivity

Using sophisticated analytics of VeriClock, companies may quickly and easily identify areas for improvement. Because all employee data is tracked in real-time, employers may quickly focus on specific activities, projects, and assignments that require immediate attention.

Total Mobility

With VeriClock, you may clock in from a variety of devices and software programs. Using VeriClock, you may clock in using a native app, the VeriClock website, or even via text message. You will have complete control over when and how you clock in. All VeriClock capabilities are available 24/7 via the cloud.


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Pros & Cons Of VeriClock:


  • Manage remote workers with ease!
  • Affordable pricing
  • Versatile clock with mobile, SMS, or phone choices
  • A good combination of time tracking and geolocation functions.
  • Reports in a precise manner
  • Excellent customer support 


  • Basic UI
  • A mobile app redirects certain operations to a browser window.

Pricing Of VeriClock

In addition to the monthly account cost of $10, VeriClock charges $5 per user. For instance, a company with 100 employees will pay $10 per month for the account, plus $500 per month for each employee.

It is easy to understand how this makes the software highly cost-effective. VeriClock is an excellent bargain in comparison to other clocks. A time clock software solution like VeriClock is considered among the cheapest options available on the market.


Final Verdict On VeriClock Review

That’s all from our side regarding VeriClock review 2021.

VeriClock provides an easy-to-use time-tracking experience. It is one of the best time tracking tool on the market. It’s often the little things that set your options apart. VeriClock offers straightforward solutions to common problems that many large businesses face. 

And with its affordable pricing, VeriClock is just unbeatable. 

So, it’s a no-brainer for businesses looking forward to taking their business a level up with time tracking while keeping everything simple.

VeriClock is worth giving a try. It comes up with a 30 days free trial that will help you understand its features in a better way.

Nevertheless, you can always switch to any other platform whenever you feel like you want to switch.

If you still have any questions about VeriClock, let us know in the comments below, and do let us know if our VeriClock review was helpful.


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