BambooHR Review 2022 || Employee Performance Management

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What is BambooHR Software

BambooHR is an all-in-one human resource tool. It offers an end-to-end HR solution to manage your workforce. BambooHR has received several best choice awards in the past few years, which explains its popularity as one of the best HR software in the industry. The software provides small and upcoming organizations an easy-to-use user interface, that lets them immigrate data from complex spreadsheets to a state-of-the-art HR Information System. Moreover, its interface satisfies personalized requirements.

With BambooHR, human resource professionals can direct their time and focus on vital tasks such as employee performance management. BambooHR’s design assists in more than just streamlining and fine-tuning your payroll and recruitment procedures. With it, businesses of small size and upstart ambitions can nurture better company practices, handle compensations, and search and identify the best talent.

BambooHR is an all-in-one human resource tool. It simplifies a myriad of tasks and optimizes the use of time. One of the most prominent functions of BambooHR is – the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS helps in administering every aspect of an employee’s life cycle in the organization and offers needed personnel visibility with the help of strategic indices such as turnover and retention.

What makes BambooHR so attractive on the first appearance is its modern and stylish interface. With a customizable dashboard, you can configure the color arrangement to match it along with your brand and make it recognizable. The software has an intuitive design that learning and operating it is breezy!

BambooHR provides an exhaustive feature suite is one of the most vital things about the software. The employee performance management solution offers a fully equipped HR function, personnel data modules, tracking proficiency, and cutting-edge reporting convenience.

Its design specifically caters to the business needs of medium to small-scale organizations.

It also makes BambooHR a go-to choice for upstart companies. The HR software uses a very stripped-down means to accentuate performance. The all-in-one human resource tool also comes highly recommended for decentralized and remote working teams. As the software offers effortlessly operating applications for all operational systems.

Going further, in this review, we will learn more about BambooHR and what it offers. Furthermore, we will try to understand why it is considered one of the best HR software in the market.

Features of BambooHR

  • Hiring

    The hiring tools in BambooHR are pretty versatile. The applicant tracking system (ATS) helps the workforce stay in the loop. Its design enhances the quality of internal collaboration in the organization. It makes sure that your organization is always keeping the best foot forward during the hiring process. It streamlines the collaboration process and helps you make the best collective decisions.

    BambooHR also consolidated the employee tracking and recruitment practices, which means you will have easy access to data at every step of the pipeline in a single place. The power to link and streamline your candidate tracking and recruitment systems will help you save time and money on an otherwise costly and slow process.

  • Onboarding

    After hiring comes onboarding, which leads you to deal with an unavoidable amount of IT checklists, paperwork, and compliance. BambooHR takes care of all of it by automating specific tasks that have to be performed repeatedly and using them every time a new employee joins the organization.

    The onboarding experience in BambooHR varies for teams and across industries. However, the USP is that the software is flexible enough to modify the checklists, operational permissions, and processes as per the requirements of the business.

    The software also offers welcome templates that are customizable for various job types, departments, etc., that will help you minimize the administrative workload of the onboarding process.

  • Supervision of Company Culture

    The culture management feature is a large amalgamation for BambooHR that brings all its tools in one place. Rather than offering a co-dependent chain of tools that require heavy technical experience, BambooHR has culture-building ones. It helps you draw, process, and evaluate feedback for further immediate adjustments.

    The company culture feature also includes employee performance management tools. It helps you establish and set up employee reviews as regularly as quarterly per annum. In addition to that, the all-in-one human resource tool also lets you make the most out of the offboarding process by safeguarding employees’ voices and unbiased feedback through online practice.

    Apart from that, the software helps you evade confirmation biases and discriminatory assessments by allowing both managers and employees to administer assessments on how they are performing.

    In case you are struggling with or don’t have the proper means to manage your company culture, features like these can come in handy. It also saves huge amounts of time, which is a great advantage.

  • People and Data Analytics

    As we have made it clear while discussing the features, BambooHR has a variety of product offerings, each with a personalized suite of tools built to automate and ease employee performance management.

    BambooHR is filled with features such as employee records, workflows, and authorizations, reporting, analytics, and a mobile application; that helps you manage your employees responsibly and meticulously.

    The HR software does not cut back on quality when it comes to handling both basic and crucial employee info with its data and analytics proficiency. You can forget the dread of incomplete spreadsheets and muddled paperwork with BambooHR.

    As far as analytics and reporting, BambooHR offers a multitude of reports on hiring planning, employee turnover, EEO reports, PTO usage, and many more. In the higher price plans, you can even create custom reports and templates for even more specifically detailed analysis.
    The reports offered by BambooHR are easy to understand and organize, so anyone can analyze them and derive important conclusions for progressive decision-making.

  • Payments

    In this review, we have discussed some of the best offerings of BambooHR, but the feature that BambooHR is known for is its compensation system. The PTO, time tracking, and payroll management tools come together to create the compensation section of the product suite. It helps you automate and punctuate the employee payment process with no margin for errors.

    Every aspect of an organization, i.e., specifically assigned projects can not only be tracked but also approved with a single click. This includes billable workflows, unbillable workflows, time management, employee attendance, etc. Your HR teams will be relieved of hours worth of workload, as BambooHR streamlines the operations.

    BambooHR deploys phenomenal measures for automating and consolidating employee productivity tracking without compromising the cash flow of your business. But all things considered, people do not buy HR software just because of an exceptional compensation module.

    However, whenever you want to connect and streamline additional operational requirements, e.g., integration of culture management with onboarding tools, the pricing plans start to look much more attractive. It also provides a more cost-effective option for businesses that are usually in the state of a cash crunch.

Pros and Cons of Using BambooHR

Here are some of the pros of using BambooHR:

  1. BambooHR offers a mobile app equipped with the hiring feature which is pretty rare for HR software. It lets you work more flexibly and make data more accessible.
  2. Efficient self-assessment tools for effective employee performance management.
  3. BambooHR has some of the smoothest offboarding features found in any HR software.
  4. The boisterous application tracking system of BambooHr lets you set up a collaborative hiring mechanism.
  5. It lets you customize permissions for information access and is very flexible with it.


And now time for some Cons:

  1. The email integration in BamBooHR is not exactly the smoothest. Of all the product offerings, email integration is one of the weakest links in BambooHR.
  2. Despite all the praises the BambooHr has been said to be a little higher on the pricing scheme. But on a pound-for-pound basis, BambooHR checks out.
  3. Lack of global scale compliance is another chink in its armor.

Pricing of BambooHR

Like most fully online HR software, BambooHR’s pricing is available only after discussion with their sales team. Nonetheless, you get more information about the plans and add-on options.

They offer two main plans – Essentials and Advantages. The Advantage is a higher-level package that comes with special hiring, more support features, breakthrough reporting, customized workflows, tailored access permissions, etc. Plus there is a big list of special add ons that you can add to your regular package.

Essentials plan lacks features such as, hiring and onboarding, integrations, data sharing, employee satisfaction, and an advanced component package. The add-on offers three separate plans that include – payroll, time tracking, and performance management.




add-on plans of BambooHR
add-on plans of BambooHR
features offered by BambooHR's plans
features offered by BambooHR’s plans


Conclusion || BambooHR

BambooHR is a pretty solid HR management software and it is certainly not a long shot away from the title of “best HR software.” It is an all-in-one software that packs quite a punch. The employee performance management solution is fully equipped with features that will help you drive your organization’s success to new heights.

The software works as its motto states, “software with heart.” Every tool designed in BambooHR is made for human convenience with zero learning curve. It is really quick to set up and you can learn to operate it within a short amount of time. The software centralizes and streamlines data accessibility. The feature that stuck out most to me personally was complete hiring functions made available on the mobile app. Lastly, the pricing is flexible and you get to customize how you want your plan to be.

There is a lot of benefit in maintaining your data in a single ecosystem which is how BambooHR is developed.

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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