AnyDesk Review: Know What Makes it the Best Free Remote Support Software

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AnyDesk Review

We are living in extraordinary times when remote work culture is the new normal — one that is incomplete without AnyDesk, a free remote support software. AnyDesk is a platform-independent application that enables seamless virtual connectivity between any PC or Device, regardless of their physical location. Once the systems or devices are connected, the Administrator can administer the connected systems virtually and enable online collaboration, easy file access, screen sharing, and much more.

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, close to 44% of Americans worked remotely but that number has increased substantially due to this highly contagious pandemic. As more and more people are forced to access work-related data from their homes, there arises a need for a safe and secure ecosystem. One that allows secure and authorized access to resources that are essential to run the show and that’s precisely what we are about to discuss. Whether you are worried about fixing software glitches for your clients or collaborating on confidential projects, we’ve got you covered. In this AnyDesk review, we will tell you how you can exceed customer expectations and safely exchange data with this remote support software.


What is a Free Remote Support Software?

Remote support software helps businesses and professionals take control of another computer and debug issues. Through a host application, you can seek permission and access any other computer in the world. Its efficiency depends on end-to-end encryption technology, data transfer speed, bandwidth, and redundancy. However, not all free remote support software services are fast, secure, and efficient and that makes them difficult to use.

Unless you make use of high-performance remote desktop software, your employees could have a hard time working on it. As a result, it would lower their productivity and increase your overheads. If you use it to extend support to your clients, then it could result in an inferior customer experience and a higher churn rate. The only way to overcome these problems is by choosing an efficient remote desktop software. Free applications may not always be reliable and therefore we decided to review AnyDesk. In this AnyDesk review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this application. Right from its security protocols to its performance, this AnyDesk review will reveal all the positives and negatives of this remote support software.



While using remote desktop software — free or otherwise — most people are concerned about the security issues that may creep in. With the increase in ransomware attacks, the biggest worry is a malicious application being installed through wrongful access. If that’s what you are worried about then you must know that AnyDesk lets you decide who gets to access your computer and you can do that by whitelisting those you trust. So, it gives you better control over the network and improves organizational security. Also, this free remote support software is a highly secure tool that runs on the Banking Standard TLS 1.2 encryption technology to prevent any type of unauthorized access.

Performance and Latency

When you are looking out for a remote support software to power-up your business then you must find one that’s efficient and comes with low latency. You do not want your customers complaining about slow connectivity, which AnyDesk ensures with a low-latency rate that’s below 16 milliseconds. What truly distinguishes AnyDesk from its competitors is the fact that it doesn’t need high-speed internet connectivity for superior performance. Unlike TeamViewer and other remote support software, AnyDesk is designed to work optimally even with 100 kbps. So, you need not worry about not having access to high-speed internet connectivity.


AnyDesk is built on the codec DeskRT, which can highly compress images and transfer them between the host and the client systems. At 60 frames per second, AnyDesk enables faster data exchange.  In fact, this remote support software is so efficient that you can easily use it to work on complex applications like CAD or audio-video editing. Overall, AnyDesk is a powerful remote support software that’s packed into a lean 3 MB file that can be easily installed on any desktop or mobile device.

Flexible Solution

Remote customer support teams offering 24×7 support often hire employees from all over the world so that they can take advantage of different time zones.  Also, the main purpose of offering 24×7 support is a large customer base that’s spread all over the world. This involves working in different languages and using multilingual keyboards and therefore AnyDesk supports keyboards in 28 languages.

Also, you can use this solution to connect with any platform such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, or any other operating system. You don’t have to worry about the OS versions either because AnyDesk works perfectly well even on the older OS versions. Since some regions tend to lean towards a particular OS (like Windows in Asia), this is the perfect solution for remote teams working internationally. AnyDesk seems to have developed this feature keeping in mind the needs of remote customer support teams that consist of professionals from different time zones to provide 24×7 support.


AnyDesk is one of the few solutions that facilitate easy online collaboration and access to complex applications, without any decline in its performance. This allows multiple professionals to work together virtually, from different locations. For example, multiple architects can make use of CAD and work on the same architectural design from the comfort of their homes. Whether you are working on a complex architectural model or wish to print remotely from a printer on another floor, AnyDesk lets you do both with the same ease and security.


Administrative Controls

AnyDesk lets you exercise administrative controls such as managing contacts through the address book and checking out who is online and who isn’t even without logging in. You can even use this application with its automated invoicing option, but only if your subscription plan allows tracking and access to session logs. Small businesses can also use their brand identity such as logo and company name to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers.



AnyDesk prices its products under two different segments — regular pricing plans and home office plans. The regular pricing plans include Lite, Professional, and Power while the Home Office plans include Lite and Professional. The main difference between these two segments is the basis on which these products are priced. In the case of the regular plans, the pricing model is based on a per-device basis, and under the home office plans, the products are priced on a per-user basis. Let us now dig deeper into these plans.

Regular Pricing Plans

The regular pricing plans — Lite, Professional, and Power — are priced based on the number of devices. Depending on your needs, you can choose either of the three plans.

Lite Plan

The Lite plan is the most basic plan and is suitable for Freelancers and small businesses. It comes without some of AnyDesk’s more advanced features like Address book, connectivity to unlimited devices, personalization of the application with the company’s name and logo, login and logout timings, and information of other users. However, if you are a freelancer or a small business, then you are likely to have limited needs, in which case, this one should be ideal.

Key Features of the Lite Plan
  • Price – $10.99 per month
  • Available for Commercial Use
  • Ideal for 1 Device
  • Supports unlimited Endpoints
  • Allows only one session
  • Permits File Transfer
  • Remote Printing capability
  • Whiteboarding 

Businesses with higher requirements can opt for the Professional Plan, which is designed for mid-sized businesses that have more clients. This is also ideal for teams that provide remote tech support to other internal teams within a large corporation.

Key Features of the Professional Plan
  • Price – $20.99 per month
  • Everything included in the Lite Plan
  • Supports Multiple Devices
  • Allows Multiple Sessions
  • Address Book to manage contacts
  • Session logs available on the Server
  • Corporate customization of AnyDesk Program file



The Power Plan is the most advanced plan, which is ideal for organizations that need unlimited concurrent sessions.

Key Features of the Power Plan
  • Price – $52.49
  • Everything included in the Lite and Professional plans
  • Active Devices – 3
Home Office Licensing Plans

Under the Home Office licensing plans, AnyDesk offers two plans — Lite and Professional. The Lite Plan allows only one active user while the Professional plan allows multiple users but charges only for active users. So, if an organization has 300 employees, but only 150 work at a particular time then the organization would only have to purchase 150 user licenses. That’s because the Professional home office plan does not charge per user, but rather charges per active user connected to this application.

Lite Plan | Home Office Plans

The Lite Plan is designed for freelancers, small agencies, and other small remote businesses that only wish to connect through a single computer or device. It comes with limited features such as unattended access, remote printing, file transfer, and whiteboarding.  

  • Price – $10.99 per month
  • No. Of Users Allowed – 1 User only
Professional Plan | Home Office Plans

This plan is designed for mid-sized and large businesses that may require connecting through multiple computers or devices. The Professional plan includes all the features of the Lite licensing plan and also some other advanced features like address book, session logging, custom client, and custom alias. Also, it gives the administrator complete control over the login or log out timings and allows personal branding.

The Professional Home Office Plan is ideal to extend technical support services to your employees during the social distancing period. Most companies are operating remotely during these times and employees may require troubleshooting, which this plan facilitates. Since the logs are maintained, there is no need to worry about unsecured access, which is a major concern among larger enterprises.

  • Price – $20.99 per user per month
  • No. of Users permitted – Unlimited

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Final Conclusion

AnyDesk is undoubtedly one of the most powerful remote support software that lets you connect with any computer or device through a secure connection. With advanced encryption, there is little that you need to worry about security threats such as ransomware or brute force.

Unlike TeamViewer and other remote support software, AnyDesk does not require high-speed internet connectivity and works perfectly well with a slow connection. Also, this remote support software supports keyboards that function in over 28 languages, which makes it ideal for global connectivity. Plus, the pricing model is flexible, and this product is priced much lesser compared to other remote support software. Also, its platform-independence and high data transfer protocols make it perfect to connect with your customers. 


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