Kickidler Review 2021: New Means Of Workplace Surveillance

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kickidler-review-2020-new-means-of-workplace -surveillance

Workplace surveillance is necessary for all business companies and industries. As an online business owner, I think that employee monitoring is essential for improving workflow efficiency in your organization.

Here I am writing about Kickidler review 2021, which is one of the best employee monitoring software avail in the market.

Nowadays, most of the companies work online and employ candidates having technical skills. With efficient and hard-working employees, employers can earn better revenue for their organizations. Don’t you think all these things sound really great? However, in reality, it’s not easily achievable without having a proper workforce management system.

Kickidler seems to be an ideal tool to monitor employees’ computer activities. This monitoring software has many employee tracking features that can help you to analyze and enhance employees’ performance in your organization. To learn more about this software, check out this Kickidler review 2021:


About Kickidler:

To have better work efficiency in your organization, what you don’t need the most are employees with idle time. With a likable wordplay, the name of this tool exactly fits in the role of what it really does. In simple words, it’s a tool to avoid idle time-wasting to improve work efficiency in your organization. One of the best things about this tool is that you can use it for seven days of a free trial. Also, by adding your phone contact information, you can extend this trial period to fourteen days.

Workplace Surveillance


It has some excellent monitoring features which let you track the real-time activities of employees. While your employees can’t find that you are keeping eyes on them as this computer monitoring software process its monitoring operation while being in stealth mode. And you can rest assured that any data breaching issues won’t be happening in your organization. Other than that, you also have the option to take direct action against any questioning activities as you can directly access employees’ computers remotely from anywhere.

Let’s check out the features of Kickidler:


Features of Kickidler:

Real Time Online Monitoring Software:

Kickidler software has a real-time monitoring feature, which allows you to keep a centralized eye on all the computers of your employees. In fact, you can monitor their online activities like apps/software they have been using, browsing-history of their computer, and so on. And in case of any issues, it has surveillance to trigger the alert signal to the employer.

Online Monitoring Software


Time Tracking System:

With Kickidler, you don’t need to be worried about productive hours at your workplace. Since Kickidler has the employee time tracking system, which tracks the timely productiveness of each employee. It also provides the report of absentees and those who are late to the workplace. There you can find the idler ones whom you can reprimand. And promote the ones who are more productive at your workplace.

Workplace Surveillance Software


Productivity Analysis:

Most of the time, idlers hold down their duties and spend their time on social media, doing online chatting, gaming, shopping, and their stuff. As an employer, nobody wants to pay idlers for their unproductive duty hours. Kickidler has an employee productivity tracker system that automatically checks the productivity of each employee. That’s where you can take action against idlers and encourage productive employees to gain more for your business.



Screen Recording:

Though idlers can be the problem of slowing down productivity. But they aren’t the real problem. The real offenders are those who siphon your data to competitors, which harms your business. However, those offenders can’t escape from the sharp eyes of Kickidler. Since it has a screen recording function using which employer can record the video of employees’ activity.


Violation Tracking Filter:

In a huge company, which has lots of employees, it won’t be easier for them to find employees who are violating the company’s norms. Here Kickidler plays a role, as it has a tracking system that automatically informs any violation activity to the employer. Based on that, you can track the employees who are engaged in such activities.



Remote Access To Employees’ Computer:

Now, even if you track violations happening in your firm, it won’t be easy to address all those issues at a time. Meanwhile, there are also chances of happening further data breaches. To control that, Kickidler has an option which let you control employees’ computer. This feature can also be useful when an employee is absent, and you need to access some vital information from its system. Or you can also use this feature to install new software updates or changing any application in the employees’ computer system. 



Keystroke Logger:

With the keylogger feature of Kickidler, you can also check the keystrokes of your employees’ computers. In case if employees got engaged in activities like messaging, and doing chit-chat on social media, you can invisibly track what they are typing in their system.



Data Leak Protection:

The best thing about the Kickidler tool is that it has a DLP system. Even if any employee in your firm got himself trapped in the phishing or hacking attack. It will automatically cancel the operation and enhance the data security of your organization.F


Classroom Monitoring:

Kickidler workplace surveillance software is also getting popular in schools and colleges. With a centralized system, teachers can easily administer the computer activities of students. As you know, it also has a violation filter option, which can detect whether students are busy studying or they are playing games.



Technical Support:

In terms of technical support, I’ll give full marks to this software. Most of the Kickidler users are satisfied with this software. The good thing about this employee monitoring software is that their support team provides free maintenance until the subscription period is on. Although a user might face some technical difficulties in the starting. But after using it for some time, you will get used to it.

Check this video:


Plans & Pricing:

Other than the Freemium trial offer, you have six different options with its subscription packages. Starting with per month plan, you have yearly and lifetime plans also. With all the subscription plans, you can access similar features monitoring features only.


I find this Kickidler as an excellent workplace surveillance solution because of its exceptional features. But adding more to that, it also offers free maintenance and unlimited tech support.


Final Evaluation: Kickidler review 2021:

From the view of an employer, I find the feature of Kickidler very intriguing and useful. In terms of data security and work productivity, this tool can perform exceptionally well. It can also be an excellent tool for individuals who want to protect their children from the negative influence of the Internet.

If you find something missing in this review and want to add something, you are always welcome to comment here.

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